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Knitted Poncho Hat Gloves Set – Pia Rossini – (Black, Navy or Claret)

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(RRP £85.00). A lovely knitted poncho set with matching beret and gloves in soft knitted yarn for everyday or smart-casual outdoor wear. And, of course, you can wear each piece as separate items. The poncho is made from a square but forms a V shape at front and centre back when worn. Each piece in the set has a matching rosette. The knitted poncho and cuff of the gloves also have a frilled edge. All pieces are ‘One Size’. Made by Pia Rossini, a leading UK brand for fine accessories.

Available in black, navy or claret (deep red).

Please see our Product Description below for full details.

(RRP £85.00). This lovely set for casual or smarter wear is made up of a soft knitted poncho with matching beret and gloves. Wear as a set or as separate items! Each piece in the set features a rosette held on by a safety pin and which means you can re-position it, stitch it in place or detach it as desired. The poncho is formed from a square but the neckline opening in one corner makes the poncho a ‘V’-shape at the front centre and back when it is worn. Both poncho and cuff of gloves have a frilled edge. By Pia Rossini, a leading UK brand for fine quality accessories.

Full features include:

  • Matching poncho, beret and gloves set in soft knitted yarn
  • Knitted rosette on each piece in set
  • 1.5in/4cm frilled edging on poncho and cuffs of gloves
  • 100% acrylic
  • Hand wash
  • All pieces in set are ‘One Size’


  • Made as a square, measuring 27in x 27in (68cm x 68cm)
  • Neckline opening in one corner so that poncho is worn on the diagonal, making a ‘V’ shape at centre front and back
  • Length of poncho when worn (measured from neckline to point of ‘V’): 32in/81cm

One Size Gloves and checking your glove size

The gloves in the set are to fit ladies’ hands with a palm circumference between 6.5in-8.0in (16.5cm-20.25cm).

If you are unsure of your glove size, measure around the palm, in inches, of the hand you write with (excluding thumb). This is your palm circumference. If you are between 0.5in measurements, round up to the next 0.5in, e.g. if this measurement is 6.75in, then your glove size is 7.0in. Our Sizing Information gives more details.

Do you need any help?

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Claret, Navy, Black


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