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 We have a fabulous range of leather wear, most of which is made by experienced bespoke leather tailors in the UK.


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Our bespoke service: Some of our leather clothing is exclusively bespoke or 'made-to-measure'. However, most can normally also be supplied 'made-to-measure' and in different colours. Click here to see our current range of colours. Please contact us for further information and help.



All of our leather clothing has been sourced from long-established and experienced UK firms, with the majority also having been manufactured here in the UK. Some items are exclusive to us, such as the fur-trimmed black leather dress, fur-trimmed leather coat and bespoke leather cat suit, and some, e.g. the panelled leather mini-skirts and cropped pants ('pedal pusher' trousers), are to our own design. 

The leather used is high quality soft lambskin (some of the gloves are hairsheep leather), selected specially for its softness and durability. You can fully appreciate how smooth and soft the leather is when you touch it and it will also continue to look good over time. The tailoring, particularly in our higher-priced items is exquisite, designed to highlight and flatter the contours of the figure, so that these feel especially good to wear. These include our fur-trimmed black leather dress and fur-trimmed retro-style coat, the superior maxi and gothic leather coats, our retro-style circular leather skirt, leather and lycra jacket and panelled leather mini-skirts

All items are available in black leather, but we also have some skirts and jackets in red, white and brown leather. We display a mixture of styles, some also suitable for more traditional settings, and others that are for the less conventional.


Leather Catsuit

Our unisex bespoke leather cat suit is made to measure by bespoke leather tailors in the UK with more than 35 years' experience. It is available in different colours as well as black. We can also offer a number of modifications to our classic style to suit your wishes.

Leather Trousers & Hot Pants

We have black leather trousers, one in superior lambskin analine nappa and another as hipster jeans. We have also some sumptuously soft leather trousers in burgundy and tan leather. Our pedal-pushers (cropped trousers) are to our own design, with lower leg zip detail, and available in blackred and white leather. We also have sleek extra-skimpy leather hot pants,  plus a longer style of hot pant shorts, both offered as a made-to-measure item to ensure a perfect fit. 

Leather Skirts

i) Mini skirts

We have two versions of leather mini-skirts in different colours and available in 3 different lengths, the shortest f which makes a very daring micro-mini skirt. The plain skirt is available in black and red leather, while the panelled skirt comes in black, red and white leather. There is also a fringed skirt available in black, red and white. 

We have a straight studded skirt, a flared ‘Ra-Ra skirt’ and one with zipped pockets in black leather only. We have an intricately-woven lattice mini skirt in rust red and tan plus a tan leather and suede strip skirt.

ii) Longer skirts

We have an exclusive, incredible retro-style full circular skirt, reminiscent of the 1950s, with a striking black and scarlet lining. There is a fluted design in black or red leather, and another with leather and lycra strips, available in black only. We also have a most beautifully soft rich brown suede skirt.

Leather Dresses

Our classy fur-trimmed black leather dress is stunningly different and ideal for a dinner or special evening function. We also have a selection of mini dresses, ideal for parties or clubbing, which include a pinafore-style with flared skirt, one with a halter neck and low back, another with revealing low back and leather string ties and a strapless dress with bow-feature belt. 

Leather Jackets

Our combined black leather and lycra jacket is beautifully-tailored and can also be worn as a top. We have an everyday jacket style in black, red and brown leather, with another in black leather only. Our superior quality jackets include one in red leather, and two in black, one with a single zip and another with double-zip fastening.

Leather Coats

We offer two ‘traditional’ maxi coats - an ‘everyday’ maxi coat and a maxi coat with superior tailoring and leather. We have a single-breast knee-length coat with front zip fastening and a similar design of superior quality. There are two Gothic-style long coats, one with a hood, and the other tailored with a flared back and a striking black and scarlet lining.

For a classy look, we have a gorgeous fur-trimmed short leather coat, designed with Marilyn Monroe in mind. This is an exclusive item and made to order. 

Leather & Suede Corsets and Basques

As well as several leather and suede traditional steel-boned corsets, we have a leather basque with soft fur trim in black and red, which has been made specially for Tout Ensemble.

Leather Gloves

Our leather gloves are by Dents and Pia Rossini. Dents (established 1777) is renowned for producing the finest gloves available, made from hairsheep leather for its special qualities and durability. We have chosen Dents long leather evening (opera) gloves in 3 colours - black, red and brown and a long black leather dress glove by Pia Rossini. We have a selection of short leather gloves by Dents and Pia Rossini, including ones in black patent leather, and in leather and suede.

Bespoke Garments/Alterations

We can offer a made-to-measure (bespoke) and alteration service for many of our items. We can also make to your own special requirements - please enquire for further details.


Leather (Ladies)