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Dents Gloves at Tout Ensemble

Dents Gloves: A Brief History

Since the reign of King George III, Dents has been crafting and creating the world’s finest gloves, most famously for the British Royal Family.

Little has changed since Dents was founded in 1777, with the company retaining its bespoke glove-crafting techniques where the cutting, sewing and stitching of premium materials is all completed by the skilled hands of a Dents craftsman.

Buy Dents Gloves at Tout Ensemble

Dents Gloves are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, and at Tout, you are sure to find a pair of Dents gloves you’ll love. Our vast collection offers gloves fitting for any occasion, made from a selection of high quality materials including leather, suede, satin, lace, cottonvelvet and wool.

Beat the British cold

Keep your hands warm this winter in effortless style with luxury wool or specially sourced fine hairsheep leather and suede, available in a range of colours and patterns. Choose from patterns including tartan and a plethora of colours spanning from vibrant winter reds and greens to stunning blues and purples, or timeless leather hues like beige and camel.

Dents Wool Gloves
Some of our Dents Wool Gloves

Glove accessories are also key! Opt for classic simplicity, or choose from a number of stylish embellishments. From bows to buckles, ruches to studs, ruffles to zips – all can be found in our Dents collection. The latest additions to our range are perfect for the frosty weather; lambswool gloves furnished with thick faux fur cuffs to keep your hands feeling toasty and looking beautiful.

Indoors: Party Wear and Vintage Dress; Weddings and Formal Occasions

But gloves are not only for the outdoors! Our dress/evening gloves collection includes satin, lace, velvet, cotton, crochet and polka dot gloves, perfect for elegant party wear, formal occasions, weddings and vintage dress. With the choice of length, colour and style on offer, there’s a pair of gloves just for you.

Dents Satin Dress Gloves
Satin Dress Gloves – smooth and elegant
Dents Velvet Dress Gloves
Velvet Dress Gloves – soft, rich colours




Dents Lace Dress Gloves
Lace Dress Gloves – spring and summer elegance


Practical and Beautiful

With a 240-year history of luxury glove-making, Dents has become a face of British craftsmanship and, since 1777, has not stopped creating gloves that resonate the style of their time. At Tout, we offer Dents Gloves that now come with touchscreen fabric technology, enabling you to operate touchscreen devices without having to remove your glove! Finally, fashion that is both practical and beautiful.

Dents Touchscreen Gloves
A selection of Dents Touchscreen Gloves
Dents Polka Dot Dress Gloves
Polka Dot and Spot Gloves – perfect vintage




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