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(tout ensemble (Fr) / too-ton-som'bl / - general appearance or effect)

Leather Wear for Ladies & Men, High Heels, Thigh Boots, Gloves and more! 

We bring you our collection which includes Leather Skirts, Leather Dresses, Leather Jackets & Coats, Leather Trousers, High Heel Shoes, Boots & Thigh Boots, Long & Short Gloves



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   LADIES LEATHER CLOTHING   -    Skirts   Dresses   Jackets   Coats   Trousers   Basques   Gloves (Long, Short)     

   MENS LEATHER CLOTHING     -    Shirts & Waistcoats    Jackets & Coats    Trousers

   GLOVES (Dents, Pia RossinI)  -    Long Leather    Long Satin    Long Velvet    Long Lace, Wet Look etc    Short Leather                                                             Short Satin, Cotton, Lace     Wedding Gloves (Bridal, Bridesmaids) 

   HIGH HEELS & BOOTS            -    Shoes/Ankle Boots    Sandals/Slingbacks    Knee Boots    Over the Knee & Thigh Boots                                                           Matching Shoes/Bags

  OTHER CLOTHING                   -    Leggings    Wraps, Shrugs & Ponchos        OTHER ACCESSORIES    Handbags/Clutchbags 






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